Ellen's Story


It all started when...

Ellen's spirit, courage, and passion to make herself and the world a better place is contagious. She believes that we are all here not just to brighten our own hearts and lights, but to give back and illuminate the path for others. Yoga is a vehicle to make ourselves better and create change; not just on the mat, but off the mat as well.

Ellen's journey as a student, teacher, and studio owner began during her days playing tennis at Villanova University. She was introduced to yoga by an athletic trainer as a healing modality for all the rigor that the sport of tennis brought to her body.

After getting married, her husband's professional basketball career took them to Toronto, Canada where Ellen found Modo Hot Yoga and fell more in love with its healing modality. It became not just another form of exercise, but a discovery of something much deeper. Since becoming certified as a yoga instructor in 2001, Ellen opened the first Modo studio in the USA, and now owns and operates three studios in the greater Cincinnati area.

Several pillars of the successful Modo studios are to "Give Back," "Be Community," and "Reach Out." These pillars are also very important in Ellen's personal life, and she and her family look forward to educating, inspiring, and uniting children around the globe, by sharing the amazing practice of yoga and meditation through the Namaste & Play program.